New Stories and Photographs!

Hello everyone! Welcome to 2017! I know I am a little late with that but things have been really hectic lately! I hope that this isn’t the beginning to not posting much! I will try to keep you all updated with what is going on a little more! I can’t promise anything! Things have really been busy lately! I have a lot of projects going on at the moment and not all of them are writing! But, I do have a few short stories I am currently working on and will update you as they get further along!

First, we have a couple of stories that I am working on! The first is a hetero short story about a regular Model Shoot! She wants to get frisky, but the photographer keeps his cool and enjoys the show as she can’t control herself! There is also one that I am still fleshing out (so to speak!) about a trans-gendered photo shoot dressed in Neko ears, tail etc with a female photographer! We will have to see how that works out!

The second story that I am currently working on is about a business man who thinks that things are going a little stale at home and has a secret from his wife. He sets up a couple of days and plans a “Business Trip” then things get a little interesting as one of his followers talks him into trying out Craig’s List while all dressed up in stockings and heels! Can’t wait to see how this one ends!!!

I have a few other stories in mind, but they are still in the very beginning phases of figuring out what they are! I will share them as I get further along! I have also been working with a photographer friend of mine here in Va Beach with some rope and various other kink type shoots! One of them was a great little adventure in rope (see some of the images below!) He did a great job for his first time tying someone up (not me! a friend of ours!) I hope that we are able to do more of these shoots in the future and maybe work on a few book covers!!!!

Anyhow I hope you all enjoy the images below and the book covers that I have created for the next two short stories! I also am working on The Adventures of Jessica part 2! So be sure to read the first one! (Likn to amazon below!) and may be working on another long novel story here in the near future! So much to write and so little time!

Love you all!!!!
~-= Cin =-~

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New Pictures!

New Pictures!


Hello everyone!

    I was told recently that I have only been posting about my book over the past few months (someone said the last 15 tweets have been about the book!) Sorry! I know I have been really excited about the book, but they were right! I really need to write about something else! So this post is a little about some of the images that I have taken recently of myself! I haven’t updated yall on any of those in quite a while, so I thought it would be nice to show them off a little and give twitter something else to talk about rather than my book!

   This set is just a couple from one shoot I did in the middle of November. I was just in the mood to try out a few of my heels and a little bit of bondage while wearing some of my favorite skirts! Hope you like em!

   This is an image of me in my new favorite boots and one of my favorite skirts (I have a few favorites!) I still have a lot of work to do to get my body  to the point where I want to share images of that, but I love my legs and my shoes! Hope you do too!

   This last gallery is a few of my favorite images that I took at the end of November in my new wedge heels. I so love these shoes! They are comfortable to walk in, they are a great color and I just love them to death! (Sorry for the panty shots! Couldn’t be helped with that top!)

    That is about it for the pictures that I have taken recently. I am sure there is a whole bunch out there that I haven’t updated on here since it has been so long since I last posted anything on here other than about my book! I am so sorry for that! I hope you all will forgive me! 

    Also don’t forget you can find me all over the internet! FetLife, xTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Lush Stories, etc! Come visit me wherever you like to hang out and strike up a conversation! I am always interested in hearing about what my readers think and what yall are up to!

    I have been working on some research on something that I have been interested in recently and that is Ancient Egyptian  Erotica! I will post a full blog post about that once I have completed the research, and you won’t believe what there is associated with it! I can’t believe it!

    Anyhow, that is all for this blog post! I hope you enjoyed the new layout and the images! I hope to hear from yall and see you over on Twitter, Facebook and everything!

Summer of Exploration Published!

Summer of Exploration Cover

Cover for the Novel Summer of Exploration

The moment you all, at least I, have been waiting for is finally here!I have finally been able to publish “Summer of Exploration”! I have been waiting a long time for this to come and you all know that I have had a lot of sweat (at least in my fingers) that went into getting to this point! I also had a really good friend, Stephanie, that helped with revising and did a beautiful job of it! I can’t wait for all of yall to read it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it and by the end you are as excited as I am about the sequel that I am starting to work on at this time! I also hope that you all will follow along and help with any ideas about the sequel as I will be updating you all as to what is going on in Jessica’s life over the next year as I progress through the planning phase of the next book! I don’t want to give too much away but I want to have input from my readers on it as well! I want you all to have stake in the next book! I think that would be wonderful! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy “Summer of Exploration” and can’t wait to get started on the next one!


Love you all!!!!!!
~-= Cin =-~

Novel Update!

legsbackground.pngHey there everyone!
   I just wanted to write about the book a little more! Since the last update, I have revised the book once again and have ordered the first proofs of it! I have another person right now that is almost done with their revisions and I will be doing one last revision after that as well! It is getting very close! I laid out the Hard Cover and the Softback both! I am not sure when I will do the e-book as there will be some changes to the pages before then and they are different enough it will take a little time to set it up. No biggie though! It will be out shortly after the revisions are complete for the printed books!

   I can’t believe how much it costs to get the books printed! I have set the price of the hard cover to 39.95 and the soft back will be about 26.95! It is over 270 pages long and took a while to create as you all are perfectly aware! Even with these prices on the books, I only get about $2 to $4 dollars a book! Seems I would be better off printing the books rather than writing them! Just kidding, I know it costs something to print them up.

   I have been thinking about the next book, whether it is the next book with Jessica, or if it is another book I have been thinking about writing. I am thinking about trying to find an agent or publishing company to work with. Anyone know anyone that works with Erotic Fiction that would take on another writer? Who knows. Just a thought I had recently.

  Anyhow, just wanted to update you on it, since there are a few people out there that have been waiting a really long time for this book to reach completion and I have let them down for years, but I seriously think it is going to be worth it! I really hope you all enjoy the book and I will update you all again in the near future when the print books are all available!

Till the next time!
~-= Cin =-~

Summer of Exploration

Summer of Exploration CoverWell, it’s finally happened! I have put all of the chapters together and have gone through the first revision of the whole novel! I sent a copy of the book to a couple of my friends to revise it a little more and make sure that I didn’t miss anything! There is a LOT that has changed since the first few chapters were posted on this blog and there is a lot that I could have missed and I needed a few more eyes on it before I really messed something up!

As it stands right now the book is just over a 104 thousand words on over 270 pages! That is a lot for me since I usually just write short stories. But, as you know from four years of watching this book grow, this was a short story in the beginning that just begged to be turned into an novel! I kept adding new portions to the short stories, and even those weren’t really considered short stories when they ended up being over 35 thousand words each!

The first release of this book is going to be available on Lulu and Amazon as a hard back 6″ x 9″. The price is going to be about $39.95 as it is expensive to get one of these books printed at this size! The number of pages and the hard back with the cover is just really expensive if you don’t have a publisher! I believe even when priced at $39.95 I will only recieve about $1 – $2 for each book sold on Amazon (after they take their cut of course!)

I am thinking about offering this up with a personallized note and signature for anyone who wishes to help me out and buy this first edition directly through me for a little bit of a premium price (to cover shipping to me, and then shipping to you!) What do you all think about this option? Would you pay 10$ more for that? ($49.95)  It would really help me out and also, it would show that there is a following that would like to maybe see what happens in the Winter!!!!

Anyhow! Just thought I would update yall and let you know where we are with the book!  I hope you have all voted (if you are in the USA!) and hope that you are looking forward to the release as much as I am!

~-= Cin =-~

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